Putin being Putin

Every once and a while Vladmir Putin reminds us what his life's calling was before he become psuedo-czar of all the Russias. He was a high ranking KGB agent. And when confronted with a roadblock to his ambitions, what do you think the automatic, knee jerk response of the former secret policeman might be? Arrest and detention. Reuters: The head of an independent Russian election watchdog was detained for 12 hours at a Moscow airport Saturday as part of attempts to stop it monitoring Sunday's vote for a new parliament, the group's lawyer said. Golos leader Liliya Shibanova was held by customs officers at Sheremetyevo airport after returning from a trip abroad on the eve of the election, in which Vladimir Putin's United Russia is likely to have its huge parliamentary majority reduced. The Western-funded group's lawyer, Ramid Akhmetgaliyev, told Reuters the customs officers copied contents of her laptop computer and Golos deputy head Grigory Melkonyants said her laptop had been...(Read Full Post)