Pakistani death squads target American informants in Afghanistan

One thing you can applaud President Obama for and that is his massive increase in the use of drones to attack al-Qaeda and Taliban targets - even if they're hiding in Pakistan. We have successfully hurt the terrorist leadership and have kept them on the run. This is no small victory and it is due not only to the technical wizardry of our drones and the competence of the military, but also our reliance on tips from ordinary Afghans regarding the whereabouts of safe houses. Now, thanks to a death squad known as the Khorasan Mujahedin, those tips may begin to dry up. The terrorists seize villagers who they accuse of helping the US and take them away - most are never seen again. LA Times: Pakistani officials and tribal elders maintain that most of those who are abducted this way are innocent, but after being beaten, burned with irons or scalded with boiling water, almost all eventually "confess." And few ever come back. One who did was a shop owner in the town of Mir Ali, a well-known...(Read Full Post)