One Last Lesson From Vaclav Havel

As we head into Christmas this weekend, there is an odd, but useful, juxtaposition. Over on my Facebook page, one of my local friends (a former Congressional candidate here in South Carolina who's now serving in the Army) has posted pictures of some of the stuff she took to war with her in Afghanistan's Panjawi District, Kandahar Province. Among them, there's a    snap of a Barbie in a wedding dress, complete with paratrooper pin, American flag and Airborne shoulder patch. The caption reads: "Christmas Eve 1992: Van and I were married at the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base Chapel during the evening service. We met in 1988, married in 1992, and, four children later, Happy 19th Anniversary tomorrow." Merry Christmas, Katherine. Thank you for your service. And keep your head down. Meanwhile, an anxious nation waits to learn...whether President Obama will, indeed,  join his family in Hawaii for a $4 million vacation.  And has Bo already made one round trip?  I...(Read Full Post)