Occupy Santa Fe. Seriously?

Not to be outdone by their counterparts on Wall Street and Washington, a few dozen bored rich kids launched Occupy Santa Fe a couple of months back. No Valley Forge types these, though, not when it's snowing in Santa Fe and heaven forbid, they find themselves closely co-habiting with actual members of that 99% they purport to represent. Liberals in New Mexico find it a constant struggle to prevail in a political environment that, while being dominated by the Democratic Party, remains stubbornly socially conservative due to the prevalence of that same cultural tendency in the majority Catholic, heavily Hispanic population.  In fact, the only two hotbeds of real, coastal leftyism, Santa Fe and Taos, are that way only by result of immigration, and I don't mean from south of the border. Nope, these émigrés are mostly of the Caucasian persuasion and are heavily representative of the infamous 1% we've heard so much about lately. Many are from the entertainment industry based in...(Read Full Post)