Obama's truth problem today

Today in a hastily arranged news conference, President Obama lambasted Republicans in the Senate for blocking a vote on his nominee to head up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray.  The president said that American consumers need protection that the new government bureaucracy will provide and that Mr. Cordray is eminently qualified to do the job.  Immediately after deriding Republicans in the Senate, he launched into a tirade about greedy business people who he said created the need for the agency.  To quote the president, "Republicans ... would leave consumers without a watchdog to guard against the greed of Wall Street."  It was typical Barack Obama -- class warfare, us vs. them, rich vs. poor, and business people vs. everybody else.  Notwithstanding Mr. Cordray's capabilities, the real problem is Congress and presidents like Mr. Obama.  They instigated the difficulties that the new government...(Read Full Post)