Obama Throwing Israel Under the Bus Again

How much more does the Obama administration need to do in order to convince leftist Jewish voters that Obama is hardly Israel's friend? I am, quite frankly, very tired of hearing my liberal Jewish friends -- in various states of denial -- insist that Obama's a really friendly fellow toward the Jewish State. After all, he gave Israel a few bunker-busting bombs and second-tier fighter planes (originally committed by George W. Bush); but otherwise maintains a virtual arms embargo on weapons shipments to the Jewish State. None such for Israel's newest enemy, Turkey, to whom O has donated a number of Super-Cobra copters. And, of course, he reads many a platitude of promised support from his infamous TelePrompter; and he did oppose a Palestinian request for UN membership, which never had a chance of succeeding anyhow. But now comes a blockbuster statement by Obama's SecDef, Leon Panetta (who used to be one of the better Dems in DC but these days has to dance to his master's anti-Israel...(Read Full Post)