Obama Throwing Israel Under the Bus Again

How much more does the Obama administration need to do in order to convince leftist Jewish voters that Obama is hardly Israel's friend? I am, quite frankly, very tired of hearing my liberal Jewish friends -- in various states of denial -- insist that Obama's a really friendly fellow toward the Jewish State. After all, he gave Israel a few bunker-busting bombs and second-tier fighter planes (originally committed by George W. Bush); but otherwise maintains a virtual arms embargo on weapons shipments to the Jewish State. None such for Israel's newest enemy, Turkey, to whom O has donated a number of Super-Cobra copters.

And, of course, he reads many a platitude of promised support from his infamous TelePrompter; and he did oppose a Palestinian request for UN membership, which never had a chance of succeeding anyhow.

But now comes a blockbuster statement by Obama's SecDef, Leon Panetta (who used to be one of the better Dems in DC but these days has to dance to his master's anti-Israel tunes).

Reports the New York Times:

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta spoke sternly on Friday to America's closest ally in the Middle East, telling Israel that it is partly responsible for its increasing isolation and that it now must take "bold action" -- diplomatic, not military - to mend ties with its Arab neighbors and settle previously intractable territorial disputes with the Palestinians.

What "bold action" is that, pray tell?

Asked specifically what Israel should do first, Mr. Panetta replied, "Get to the damn table" -- that is, return to negotiations.

So, there goes Israel under Obama's bus again (for a fuller narrative of Obama's hostility toward the Jewish state, check out this video presentation). Not only is Israel "partly" to blame for the attacks on its legitimacy, but it should "get to the damn table" at which the other side remains intractably absent due to unacceptable preconditions -- a situation created by Obama himself with his anti-Israel rants about settlements.

And if the other side were to come to that table, who would they be? Islamic Arabs whose faith and political charters unswervingly require the destruction of Israel and, for that matter, Jews in general.

If this arrogant, ignorant no-goodnik had been President in the 1930s or 40s, he'd no doubt have demanded that Chaim Weiszmann or the Jewish Agency go negotiate with Adolf Hitler.

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