Moral Equivalence in Brussels

The name Howard Gutman has been in the news recently. He is the Jewish lawyer whose work for Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign was rewarded with an appointment as Ambassador to Belgium. He made a speech on November 30 at a conference in Brussels entitled "Fighting Anti-Semitism in Europe: What is Next?" If you haven't read it, here is a link. Ambassador Gutman has been roundly criticized in the American Jewish community for the content of his speech. In it, he claims that the widespread animosity - which has increasingly spilled over into violence - of the European Muslim community toward Jews is not an instance of historic anti-Semitism. Rather it is purely a consequence of the unsettled dispute between Israel and the Arab/Muslim world. That is, according to the esteemed Ambassador, the hate-filled, bigoted and vicious slurs - accompanied too often by physical attacks - directed by Europe's Muslim community toward their Jewish brethren is due solely to the discomfort the former...(Read Full Post)