Malnourished Muppets and the Indoctrination of America's Children

After an extended interlude, America finally has another liberal buzz phrase to add to the country's politically correct vernacular: "Food Insecurity."  Food Insecurity is right up there with "man-caused disaster," not to mention the long, ever-growing list of 'ities':  neutrality, inequality, inequity, accessibility and ethnocentricity. When individuals falls into the category of food insecurity, it means they're not sure where their next meal is coming from.  Hopping on the bandwagon and hoping to woo the under-five set into the entitlement 'OWS Gimme' mentality, Sesame Street has introduced a downtrodden "food insecure" Muppet named Lily, whose voice sounds as if she's been stricken with hunger-induced low blood sugar. Despite the absurdity of a children's program attempting to upstage Abby Cadabby with a malnourished pink mop head, there is no denying that there are many poor children in America who require assistance. For those that are truly impoverished, free...(Read Full Post)