House GOP not on board Senate payroll tax bill

Basically, the Senate thumbed its nose at the concerns of House Republicans and passed the two month extension of the Social Security payroll tax holiday, the extension of unemployment benefits, and the Medicare "doc fix." This could mean that the Senate will have to come back in session sometime before the first of the year to pass a compromise package. Politico: In a private conference call on Saturday afternoon, rank-and-file House Republicans complained bitterly about the contents of the deal, which would extend through February the president's Social Security tax cut, unemployment insurance and Medicare reimbursement rates for doctors. The sweetener of a provision requiring the president to expedite consideration of the Keystone XL oil pipeline wasn't enough to offset the bitterness of a deal that gives the president two more months to pillory Republicans on a tax cut that is one of his most popular policies. Republican leaders were warned that they could expect a rebellion if...(Read Full Post)