From our 'What the heck were they thinking?' file

Chalk up another instance of clueless corporate behavior. Verizon thought they'd gather some green by charging online bill paying customers a $2 fee for one time payments. Those who have their bills paid through autopay - automatic deductions from a bank account - wouldn't be affected. But at a time when money is short and there is great economic uncertainty, many people wanted the flexibility of being able to pay online whenever they could afford to - not a set date by which the company charged your bank account. Hence, rather than scheduling payments ahead of time, customers opted for the "one time payment option." The ensuing uproar has caused Verizon to back off the plan. Reuters: The biggest U.S. wireless operator retracted its decision on Friday, just a day after it announced the fee for one-time payments, which was to have begun January 15. The consumer victory comes after Bank of America recently decided against a new $5 monthly fee for debit card users after consumers and...(Read Full Post)