Drone wars

US government responses to the reporting this past week about the downed US military drone  in Iran leave me wondering if we and some third-world thugs aren't being snookered. Purportedly one of our most technologically advanced unmanned aerial vehicles goes maverick on its controllers, effectively defects to Iran, landing relatively unscathed, and presents itself as a treasure trove of America's most highly-held military secrets. Or so DoD, and perhaps the CIA, would have the world believe. Quite strangely, they almost blithely confess that we may have just handed Iran, and therefore the Chinese, the North Koreans and all our other enemies, keys to the inner sanctums of the fastest growing field of modern military development, unmanned aerial warfare. Color me skeptical. First question that comes to mind is that since there is no human presence on these sophisticated UAV's, then why are they not rigged with explosives to self-destruct if they stray from the reservation? And loss...(Read Full Post)