Climate Change Debate about Global Wealth Redistribution

Conferees at the climate talks in Durban, South Africa feared that they would close the conference with no deal, but on Sunday in the waning moments after a heated debate, they were able to stitch together a package that the chair said "saved tomorrow, today."  That's lofty rhetoric for an arrangement that is less about preventing global warming than it is about redistributing global wealth. In the end, the conferees agreed to begin negotiations on a new climate treaty that will take effect by "2020 at the latest" and to funnel tens of billions of dollars each year to "poor countries."  From a global political perspective, that's what the alleged effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is really all about.  Global warming is a pretense for creating a global welfare system. It's true that the Durban attendees did talk about reducing man-made CO2 emissions, but they never even hinted at these irrefutable facts: 1.      The global climate is...(Read Full Post)