British Police Raid Climategate Blogger's Home

There is often a price to pay for miracles. Several years back a miracle occured at Climate Audit, the website of Steve McIntyre (the man who debunked Michael Mann's Hockey Stick graph); a slew of e-mails hacked or leaked from the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia were released via a Russian server, exposing the private plottings of the group now often called The Team to subvert the science of Global Warming, to intimidate editors of journals, to get alarmist papers peer-reviewed and ban papers from those who do not see Global Warming as a crisis. It was damning stuff. The person who posted the link on Climate Audit merely stated "a miracle has occurred". And now a second batch of e-mails has appeared at CA and at a couple of other sites, particularly Tallbloke's Talkshop. They are even more damning than the last - and the Empire decided to strike back. Police in England raided Tallbloke's home, seizing his computers. Tallbloke, McIntyre, and Jeff Id at Airvent...(Read Full Post)