A terrible truth written in blood

The Christmas bombings by Islamists across Northern Nigeria and the exodus of Christians from Egypt, Iraq and elsewhere carry a serious message - one which we need to hear. So far, it's getting lost in the now-all-too-routine reporting and commentary. "Getting" what's actually going on is especially critical to the survival of Israel, given the spreading darkness all around that nation. On Israel, the emerging conventional wisdom (now beginning to be accepted not only by Europeans but by too many American Jews) is that the Jewish state is a "honest mistake, a well-intentioned mistake," an attempt to plant a Western, European-style democracy and a Western population in the heart of the Arab Middle East. Similarly, the violence foisted on American troops and ships in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and elsewhere was said, especially by the American left, to be caused by the fact that we are invaders there. But we are out of Iraq now. And we were never in Nigeria - or Egypt. Yet, as Mark Steyn...(Read Full Post)