Top Iran Missile Chief Reported Killed in Explosion

Last Monday a huge, double explosion was heard in Tehran. Based on Western spy satellites, the following picture is reported by, a site close to Israeli intelligence, but also known for less than 100% accuracy. 1. The double blast involved an advanced Iranian Seijil-2 missile, and devastated a 20 square mile area of the Alghadir missile base of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the inner guard of the regime. The devastated missile base is located 30 miles west of Tehran. 2. Thirty-six military funerals were held in the following days. The dead include the chief of Iran's ballistic missile program, Major Gen. Moghaddam, and other top missile experts. 3. Moghaddam may have set off the double explosion himself by ordering a demonstration explosion of a new warhead for the missile. Debka speculates that the computer control system for the Seijil-2 demonstration warhead was infected by an advanced version of the Stuxnet virus or the new Duqu virus, or both. Giving the command to...(Read Full Post)