'Stimulate' Oakland

Paul Krugman must be watching the news on the Occupy protests with bated breath.  You see if things keep going the way of the Oakland protests, he won't have to wait for aliens to invade in order to see his grand idea of economic "stimulus" play out. Last night at the Occupy Oakland strike, angry "stimulators" broke out windows at a Bank of America building (that's what they get for passing on regulatory costs in the form of fees) and caused more damage at several other locations such as the Whole Foods Market. (see Occupy Oakland builds bonfire, trashes Whole Foods, banks, clashes with police overnight) Who needs the unnecessary risk of a UFO taking out too much of a city when we have thousands of protestors throughout the nation that are willing and able to do their part to help "stimulate" the economy by creating thousands of jobs that would otherwise not exist.  Think of all of the people that either are or will be put to work due to all of these protesters and the...(Read Full Post)