Speaking Truth to EuroThuggery

A mind-boggling video (below) has just appeared on YouTube, showing passionate Euro-sceptic Nigel Farrage in the European Parliament in Strasbourg denouncing the "German take-over of Europe" -- which is now happening, as the Germans are telling the Brits that they (as the EU rulers) are in charge of British domestic affairs -- and soon, foreign affairs as well. Funny thing is, Farrage is directly talking to the four Euro-Crats, sitting right in front of him, who are now ruling the European Union without all the fuss and bother of getting elected. The EU-SSR now has now appointed its own Prime Minister of Italy, who is just another Eurocrat. It is trying to do the same thing in Greece, and Germany is proposing a new Euro-Imperialist agency to take over any countries that are fiscal disasters --- like Spain, Italy, Greece, and maybe Ireland. Those countries can't be allowed to fail, or to go back to their own currencies, because they might endanger the Manifest Destiny of Europe's...(Read Full Post)