Speaking Truth to EuroThuggery

A mind-boggling video (below) has just appeared on YouTube, showing passionate Euro-sceptic Nigel Farrage in the European Parliament in Strasbourg denouncing the "German take-over of Europe" -- which is now happening, as the Germans are telling the Brits that they (as the EU rulers) are in charge of British domestic affairs -- and soon, foreign affairs as well. Funny thing is, Farrage is directly talking to the four Euro-Crats, sitting right in front of him, who are now ruling the European Union without all the fuss and bother of getting elected.

The EU-SSR now has now appointed its own Prime Minister of Italy, who is just another Eurocrat. It is trying to do the same thing in Greece, and Germany is proposing a new Euro-Imperialist agency to take over any countries that are fiscal disasters --- like Spain, Italy, Greece, and maybe Ireland. Those countries can't be allowed to fail, or to go back to their own currencies, because they might endanger the Manifest Destiny of Europe's newest Empire.

As for the voters, they've completely lost control over their socialist Ruling Class. Their votes mean nothing today.

If you doubt that, check out the YouTube video. The reality of Europe is updated at several conservative websites, including Eurerefendum.blogspot.com website. ("EU Referendum" refers to the referendum that the British voters were promised over and over again, but which they never got. The Brits and most other citizens of Europe have never been allowed a voice about getting gobbled up by the Europe's newest Mega-amoeba.)

Euro-socialism is modern Marxism, or what Tony Blair called "the third way:" Blair said it wasn't the Soviet Empire, it wasn't America, but it's something in the middle. The trouble is that Marxists keep going for more and more power, until they have it all. The EU is more and more trying to rule like the Soviet Union, which is not a surprise, because it's a soft Marxist embrace that starts to feel more and more like a boa constrictor.

One Party rule is easily corrupted because nobody can stop the rulers from cheating. So Barney Frank wants Fannie and Freddie to sell empty mortgages again. The Department of Justice is ignoring the Gunwalker scandal, which killed only a few hundred Mexicans and two US lawmen. Sec. Energy Chu, the Nobel Prize-winning advocate of perpetual motion schemes by Solyndra and a slew of other "green energy" fantasies, 80 percent of them owned by Obama Cronies. Obama's economists are Goldmann-Sachs graduates, while Obama gives his papal blessing to the "anti-Wall Street" rioters.

This is Chicago-style crony capitalism, which is now ruling Europe against the will of the people. How can you tell? Well, the media are in the pockets of the Demagogue Machine. Totally indecent scandal mongering and scapegoating is constantly used against the opposition, especially honest people like Sarah Palin and Herman Cain. Free speech is constantly under attack. The Demagogues engage in day-to-day agit-prop to keep you confused and distracted.

And when a crime is discovered, like Fast and Furious, nobody does anything about it.

Go and see the future Obamination in Strasbourg, EU.