Solyndra asked to delay layoffs until after mid terms

What this proves is that the White House knew darn well that Solyndra would become a huge political issue if it went under, or showed signs of distress. They were right: CNN: The memorandum released Tuesday by the investigating subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee said warning signs about the Solyndra loan guarantee emerged throughout the review process prior to its approval in 2009. [...] According to the memorandum, Solyndra faced financial troubles and was seeking more government help in 2010, after Obama had visited the company to tout its benefits. It said Solyndra Chief Executive Officer Brian Harrison e-mailed the Department of Energy on October 25, 2010, that the company had received inquiries from the media and potential investors about rumors of financial problems. Harrison stated he wanted to proceed with a planned internal announcement of layoffs on October 28, the memorandum said, adding that Harrison's e-mail was forwarded to Jonathan Silver, the...(Read Full Post)