Should Churches Be Helping Occupy Wall Street?

Several churches in New York City have been sheltering Occupy Wall Street protesters since the city banned sleeping in Zuccotti Park. Trinity Church even has a petition which states, "The faith community in New York City has been a critical source of support for Occupy Wall Street. And now that the occupiers are being prevented from camping in Zuccotti Park, that support is more critical than ever." So...why are churches supporting the Occupiers? The Occupiers are Socialists and they are at war with America, not the same kind of war that our military fights overseas, but war nonetheless. It is an internal, ideological war. They want to obliterate Capitalism and any church that helps them has taken sides with Socialism and is supporting our enemy. I have heard this defended with the argument that churches are supposed to help people. So my question is helping what? These people are not starving, they are not freezing to death, they are not dying or sick. They have been kicked off...(Read Full Post)