Rev. Bill Maher preaches to his choir

Bill Maher fancies his comedy "edgy." At least that's what he told Elizabeth Hasselbeck in his recent interview on The View. "Somebody has to live on the edge to know where the edge is," he said. And Bill Maher is apparently that guy who is doing the hard work of setting the cultural standards of political acceptability. In just one of her many acerbic zingers from the exchange, Hasselbeck responded, "Thanks for being the hero." But for those not among Maher's adoring audience, his comedy would better be described as "redundant." Most of us can easily recognize that his act is something of a one-trick pony. It's as flawlessly predictable a phenomenon as the sun rising. Every time Bill Maher has an opportunity to speak, he will verbally assault religion and Republicans. Take this interview on "The View," for example. When asked about the Penn State scandal, he took the opportunity to link religion and pedophilia by remarking that anytime women are not present, like "in the church," "it...(Read Full Post)