Kathleen Parker's Trash Talk

Such rabble, all those grassroots conservatives that have infested the Republican Party. It's all that Sarah Palin's fault. She's so... common... so dumb. Well, we can't say "dumb," so let's say not very smart, not like Bill Buckley. All those flyover country conservatives aren't very smart, either. Paul Begala says so, and Paul shows up at the right parties, so... Read Kathleen Parker's latest in the Washington Post: "The Palinization of the GOP." Parker used to write for National Review. Then she graduated to the Washington Post. Going there, Parker's worldview gloriously expanded. Parker's opinions are just so sophisticated now, so original. Nope, Parker would never parrot a Democrat hack like Paul Begala. Nope, she'd never regurgitate the tired line that global warming skeptics are anti-science. Nope, Parker would never dis those who think there's a reasonable place for God in the public square. Nope, Parker would never take a shot at Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk show...(Read Full Post)