J. Edgar The Film Falls For KGB Disinformation

The rumor that J. Edgar Hoover was gay is repeated in the new biopic J. Edgar opening this week. And herein lies a useful lesson worth noting: Hoover's alleged homosexuality was contrived by the KGB in the 1960s. Despite the volumes of revelations about the true nature of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, even clear-thinking Americans cannot embrace the reality that one of the KGB's key functions was to run disinformation programs to undermine leaders and institutions in the West, especially the United States - what the spy agency called the "main adversary In the 1960s Service A and Directorate K were the key departments dedicated to destabilizing Western nations.  A large apparatus recruited agents to infiltrate government agencies, the arts, the film community, academia, think tanks and activist groups with the mission to recruit gullible leftists to the worldwide socialist revolution.  One stunning example was using Phillip Agee, a former CIA officer, to publish...(Read Full Post)