Barney Frank Classless to the End

Barney Frank's retirement speech was as classless as his victory speech in 2010 over Republican Sean Bielat.  Then he spent much of the time whining (after winning?) about "vituperation," and "anonymous smears," accusing Republicans of running campaigns that "were beneath the dignity of democracy."  I have met Sean and he is a true gentleman, an ex-Marine Corps Lieutenant, a successful businessman and all round good guy. In a statement Tuesday to the Boston Globe, Frank had this to say: "Markey and Lynch were protected, and the rest of us got what they didn't want," [Frank] said. Frank asserted that Markey...and Lynch...were given good districts. Several others - including a bad deal, Frank said, even though those districts are still considered by many as safe Democratic seats." I think Ed [Markey] had some influence with them, but it was spent mostly on his own district. "There was stuff that Eddie got that, if I could have shared some with Eddie, it would...(Read Full Post)