Astounding video shows fetal development in detail

Science is providing answers to the single most contentiontious issue in American doemstic politics. The central question of the abortion debate has always been: when does a fetus become a human being? Abortion advocates like to claim there there is a a period post-conception in which the term "fetal tissue mass" is appropriate to describe the child being gestated. The de-personalized phrase then begs the question: when does the FTM become a human being? Alexander Tsiaris of Yale Medical School has produced a beautiful video overview of fetal development, from conception through birth, that details the process visually, and puts the lie to efforts to find a strict dividing line between FTM and human being. Education based on this kind of science is the only way to achieve a national consensus on abortion. Watch this video and see if you agre that this is a step forward in building a shared undertsanding of the humanity of the children we are fortunate enough to...(Read Full Post)