A Question for the GOP Presidential Candidates

Here's a question we need answered by the GOP candidates. "What are you going to do about global warming?" I know. I know. It's now "climate change." And, yes, the Climate Research Unit's (CRU) hockey stick graph has been pulled from the IPCC reports. And, sure, sunspots have been given a (tiny) bit of scientific credence to explain the "anomaly" of the steady -- or perhaps even slightly decreasing -- temperature of the planet over the last few years. And, after the "fudge factor" fiasco at the CRU, atmospheric scientists at least seem to be checking their arithmetic. Still, someone needs to ask the GOP candidates running for President of the United States...straight up: "What are you going to do about global warming?" Not a scientific question like: how quickly is the atmosphere heating?  None of them would know the answer to that question because no one knows the answer. Certainly not a faith-based question like "Do you believe in man-made global warming?" Who cares what they...(Read Full Post)