Would you believe 63% favor Obama's 'jobs' bill?

Would you believe that 63% of Americans are in favor of Obama's new and improved $447 billion 'jobs' bill? Neither would I. But the liberal media would like to create that impression for the impressionable. As the result of a recent poll, one headline reads: "Americans, unlike the Senate, approve of Obama's jobs bill, poll says." (Let's keep in mind the Senate is controlled by New Democrat Harry Reid). The title refers to a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal survey. So how did the pollsters work their magic for Dear Leader? When NBC pollsters asked for a simple up-or-down appraisal of the bill, minus any policy details, the same group of respondents expressed less than half the level of support that they later showed. 'When asked simply if Congress should pass the legislation or not, 30 percent of respondents answer yes, while 22 percent say no; 44 percent have no opinion,' according to NBC. So, it turns out that only 30% of the public want Obama's "jobs" bill. But once NBC provided...(Read Full Post)