Willful blindness

The United States Department of Justice, which includes the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (the FBI) and the National Security Division, has been ordered to remove all references to Islam from any examination of Islamic terror in its training materials and procedures. That means investigation of the Islamic beliefs, motives and goals of Islamic terrorists in the U.S. is verboten in the Department Of Justice and the rest of the Federal Government because accurate, knowledgeable, honest and objective discussion of Islam has been forbidden and is no longer possible there. Islam cannot be examined in depth or criticized in any way, shape or form and woe betide any government employee who does. Beyond that, Islamic apologists and supremacists whose purpose is to turn America into an Islamic state governed by Islamic Law are the only people the government allows to speak about Islam to its employees and they present a distorted and totally false portrait of it which has nothing to do with...(Read Full Post)