Who's the Real Tea Party Candidate?

The most important elective Republican since the 1920s was surely Ronald Reagan. Ronaldus Magnus' coattails ushered in the first Republican Senate in 26 years. And unlike Eisenhower, who lost his GOP Congress in the next election, Reagan's GOP Senate held on through two more election cycles. Reagan stood athwart progressive history and stopped it for a while. It was Morning in America. Not bad. But even Tea Partiers may need to be reminded about the significance of the 1994 election. It was a ground-shaking turning point in politics: Republicans took control of the House for the first time in 40 years. And it was the first time in 40 years that the GOP had control of both houses. Except for the 1.5-year gap in Senate control caused by the 2001 defection of Jim Jeffords, Republicans would control both houses for 12 years. This GOP Congress would go on to produce 4 back-to-back balanced budgets -- the first since the 1920s -- and the largest budget surpluses in American history. The...(Read Full Post)