Which is the Real Rick Perry?

I just read Rick Perry's 2010 book, Fed Up. Actually, I've been reading the books of all the Republican presidential contenders - at least those who've published one recently. That includes Cain, Gingrich, Paul, Pawlenty and Romney; Huntsman and Santorum have books that are several years old and Bachmann's book is coming out in November. The impression offered by a book is very different from what we glean from a televised debate - as we shall see momentarily. In fact, Perry's book surprised me very much. In short, it is terrific. He makes an articulate, impassioned, well-reasoned and well-documented argument for a staunchly conservative America. He is particularly strong when discussing the tenth amendment and states' rights. He skewers the unlimited spending, over-regulating, unconstitutional mode of (national) government that has gripped the nation. Perry's writing is forceful, coherent and convincing - and even humorous on occasion. One senses a person who is in command of his...(Read Full Post)