When will the GOP contenders wake up?

The Left is formulating the issue and making half our argument for us. In doing so, they are being assisted energetically in propagating that argument widely by the Legacy Media. Might it be possible for some of the Republican contenders to tear their attention away from painted-over rocks, large waistlines, and being shocked, shocked when anti-Semitism rears its head  on the Left??  "... big labor and the Occupy protesters, joined together, could work to create a progressive movement that effectively taps into the rising feeling among many Americans that economic opportunity has been squashed by corporate greed and the influence of the very rich in politics. Part of that trend has been the weakening of unions--and they can't carry such a movement on their own. Perhaps in Occupy Wall Street they've found unlikely partners with whom to take up the cause." The Tea Party groups and the politicians influenced by them have the better response to crony capitalism and how best...(Read Full Post)