We Have to Start Over

What accounts for the appalling acceptability of overt anti-Semitism these days?  While fashionable on university campuses for years, the norm in France for as long as we can remember, and de rigueur among Muslims throughout the Middle East, how have we come to a place here in the United States where protestors embraced by the American Left and our media can openly scream anti-Jewish epithets and carry signs with hateful slogans indicting the Jews of the world for all manner of crimes against humanity?  Keep in mind that the President, the Vice President, Nancy Pelosi ("bless them") and the mainstream media have all embraced the cause  and behavior of the Occupy Wall Street protestors and their copycats around the country.  The Tea Party, these same supporters railed, were "racist" (they are not), "violent" (they are not), and profane, which they most certainly are not.  But  it appears that our President, Vice President, Speaker of the House and our...(Read Full Post)