US moves to seal Afghan-Pak border

The US military has upped the ante along the border with Pakistan by deploying hundreds of troops as well as helicopters to do the job that Pakistan refuses to do; stop border infiltration by the Taliban and the terrorists: Tribesmen living in the border areas said Afghan and U.S. authorities had clamped a curfew in the Gurbaz area of Afghanistan 's Khost province and started house-to-house searches. The abrupt deployment of U.S. forces near the border area with Pakistan has escalated tension in the militancy-plagued North Waziristan tribal region as U.S. forces immediately sealed the main Ghulam Khan- Khost highway for traffic. This stranded more than 900 loaded trucks, including those carrying NATO consignments, and passenger vehicles the whole day. Pakistani security officials and tribal sources in Ghulam Khan area said U.S. forces had arrived there during the night between Saturday and Sunday and occupied nearby hilltops and established observation posts. Sources said U.S. forces...(Read Full Post)