The Tweet Revolution, Coming to a Square Near You?

Groups emulating Occupy Wall Street are springing up around the country; the Occupy Together website lists "occupations" underway in 113 American cities (Fargo/Morehead, ND; Joplin, MO, etc.), plus 28 international groups. My local Boston group, calling itself "#occupyBoston at Dewey Square" reports 1,000 protesters over the weekend. One contributor to their comment thread noted that despite living in Boston all his life, he had never heard of Dewey Square. Neither have I. The man sensibly asked, why not just say it's in front of South Station, a major landmark that everyone recognizes? This was practical advice, but the point of using Dewey Square was to invoke Tahrir Square, Cairo. The protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge (700 arrests on Sunday) see themselves as part of a global uprising that began with the Arab Spring. Thus the Occupy Wall Street website has a subtitle that reads: "The resistance continues at Liberty Square!" The Occupy Maine General Assembly (what is referred to on...(Read Full Post)