The Skunk Tells the Hound that He Stinks

President Obama's latest "jobs" initiative is just a rehash of his previous "jobs" initiatives.  It's classic political gimmickry--all fluff and no substance.  It wasn't and isn't about jobs.  It's about positioning Obama to claim during the 2012 presidential campaign that Republicans attempted to block his "jobs" plan.  Problem is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) didn't get the memo.  He didn't even bring the president's plan to the floor for discussion in the Senate, much less a vote. After a great deal of ridicule aimed at President Obama and Senate Democrats, Reid finally realized that it might be a good idea to give the president and his Democratic colleagues a little political cover so he decided to take up the "jobs" bill in the Senate.  No sooner had Reid made his decision than he decided to block Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-Kentucky) attempt to bring the "jobs" bill up for a vote in the Senate.  Immediately, the...(Read Full Post)