The not-so-all-American OWS protests in Portland

I'd put the video on site except we're a family oriented blog and singing "F**k the USA" violates our standards. Our standards? Sorry - ANYONE's STANDARDS. I would also note that the "band" appears to be intergenerational - ancient hippies and youthful anarchists. The old is teaching the young well and I'm sure the anarchists have a thing or two to teach the flower children. Isn't education wonderful? The first couple of weeks of OWS, the more disciplined leftists tried to keep this kind of kookiness off the TV screen. God Bless YouTube. As the protests have spread, the real hard core loonies have moved front and center so that any claim to moderation or even mainstream leftism has gone by the boards. If you really insist on listening to really really bad music played by bad musicians, you can torture yourself by watching the video here. Hat tip: Verum Serum(Read Full Post)