The myth of Romney's 'inevitability'

Politico has a good piece on why, even though he is the establishment's choice and is raising a ton of money, there is nothing inevitable about Mitt Romney's candidacy: For all the talk about his inevitability, after half a decade as a declared or undeclared presidential candidate, Romney can scarcely muster a fifth of the GOP primary vote. Republicans continue to cast about for an alternative - looking to Michele Bachmann, then to Rick Perry and now to Herman Cain. None of Romney's opponents has been able to derail him for long. But the simple fact remains: Whether it's because of Romney's ideas, his history of flip-flops or his personal political style, much of the Republican Party just can't embrace its frontrunner. The question now is whether the GOP is prepared to live with an unlovable nominee if that candidate has a good shot of defeating Obama. "People, I think, are looking for more visceral, gut issues. Mitt Romney doesn't make that appeal," said New York Rep. Pete King, who...(Read Full Post)