The extremist nut jobs of Occupy Wall Street

Whoops! The selfish, greedy and jealous, mostly white, mostly comfortably middle class, mostly hollowly educated adult children involved with Illegally and Possibly Criminally Trespassing Wall Street, otherwise known as Occupy Wall Street (OWS) have begun to realize how selfish, greedy and jealous--not to mention what "extremist nut jobs"--they are.  Not that they plan to change of course.  No, like the spoiled brats they are, some in the puppet front group for who knows who, want to disguise their purposes and motives.   An OWS supporter, known by his honest nom de internet as distortion, demanded STOP LISTING DEMANDS The opponents of this movement are using the demands posted in this forum as the official lists. And some of these lists regardless of how right or wrong are extreme points of view and will only hurt our cause by making us look like extremist nut jobs. You don't speak for everyone in this. Stop creating public demand lists, delete...(Read Full Post)