The empty tents of the empty heads

The cool autumn evenings are strangely silent on the grounds of St. Paul's Cathedral in London despite the presence of the Occupy London Stock Exchange protesters who have encamped there.  The angry mob which has succeeded in closing the cathedral for the first time since World War II, don't appear to be night owls.  The UK Daily Mail checked out the nighttime happenings on the cathedral grounds in order to assess the level of the protesters commitment. There among the tents and signs proclaiming 'All day, all week, we'll sleep on London's freezing streets.  Solidarity!' lies the dirty little secret that explains the eerie nighttime silence of the masses.  An independent company contracted by the Daily Mail used thermal imaging to discover that there is very little mass among the overnight masses.  The evidence shows that only about 10% of the tents that encircle the cathedral grounds are actually occupied at night.  When questioned about their 90%...(Read Full Post)