Taliban commanders admit backing from ISI

A few more on the record confessions like this and a real break with Pakistan is possible. Two British documentaries show several Taliban commanders admitting that the ISI assists them in training, supplying weapons, and intelligence. Reuters: One Taliban commander, Mullah Qaseem, told the BBC the important things for a fighter were supplies and a hiding place. "Pakistan plays a significant role. First they support us by providing a place to hide which is really important. Secondly they provide us with weapons," he said, according to excerpts provided by the BBC. Other Taliban commanders described how they and their fighters were, and are, trained in a network of camps on Pakistani soil. According to a commander using the name Mullah Azizullah, the experts running the training are either members of the ISI or have close links to it. "They are all the ISI's men. They are the ones who run the training. First they train us about bombs; then they give us practical guidance," he...(Read Full Post)