Steve Jobs Never Got a Government Loan

  Listening to President Barack Obama (D) whining and complaining during his news conference/campaign speech Thursday that if the selfish and greedy Republicans won't pass his jobs bill now! and tax the millionaires and billionaires now! the whole country--especially his union and/or lefty backers--won't get its necessary jobs jolt now! was quite a contrast to the tributes paid to Steve Jobs.   Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak started Apple in Jobs' parents' garage as a pair of 20 somethings, all without government help.  And Apple grew--again without government help.  Microsoft.  Google.  Facebook.   All started without government help by a bunch of kids (I'm over 40; 20 and 30 somethings are kids).  They discovered and grew without government help.  They created thousands of jobs... without government help.  They created wealth for thousands; many became millionaires, some even ...(Read Full Post)