Steve Jobs- A True Capitalist

The world has experienced a great loss with the passing of Apple founder Steve Jobs.  His genius and entrepreneurship brought us futuristic-like gadgets at an affordable price.  While the public will undoubtedly mourn his tragic death, one aspect of Jobs' career should not go unnoticed.  Inspired by Ayn Rand's magnum opus "Atlas Shrugged," Jobs held a very high regard for creators and the notion that you should pay for the goods and services you receive.  Nowhere was this more apparent than his push to establish a unique "spaceship" shaped headquarters for Apple in the heart of Silicon Valley- Cupertino, California. Last summer Jobs met with the Cupertino City Council to make the case for Apple to redesign and add to its company campus.  With an astoundingly successful business like Apple, common sense would dictate that an expansion and hiring of more employees would be a one-and-done deal.  Perhaps the Council forgot that we are in a struggling...(Read Full Post)