Now for something completely different. What would happen if, say, presidential candidate Michele Bachmann staffed her publicity team with Python skit writers?  Her television ads certainly would be entertaining.  But would they be effective or dismissed as frivolous?  You be the judge... Scene: President's sleek campaign bus, all shiny black except for the teargas launchers and red "Made in Canada" stickers.  Taxpayers dressed as coffee-drinking Vikings mill around the bus, waiting to hear the president speak.  (They could find all the extras they need by filming at a Nordic Fest not far from where Mrs. Bachmann was born)  Camera ascends bus stairway to reveal Monty Python characters playing political figures in a mobile greasy spoon café. Congresswoman Bachmann, seating herself at a café table: Morning, Mr. President.President, without looking up from his campaign contributor list: Morning. Congresswoman, enthusiastically: I'm hungry for a...(Read Full Post)