Saleh says he will step down from Yemen presidency soon

There is plenty of history to suggest that Yemen's two faced president Ali Abdullah Saleh is going to pull another Bullwinkle on the Yemeni people and reneg on his promise to step down soon. Like Bullwinkle who kept trying to pull a rabbit out of a top hat but kept failing, Salah has 3 times in the past year said he will step down only to go back on that promise at the 11th hour. Reuters: "I reject power and I will continue to reject it, and I will be leaving power in the coming days," Saleh said in a speech on state television. Saleh has been clinging to his position while opposition and ruling party representatives cast about for a formula to see through a transition-of-power deal. "I call on my supporters to persevere and to confront any challenge," Saleh said. Protests against Saleh's rule have paralyzed Yemen, weakening government control over swathes of the country and fanning fears al Qaeda's regional wing may use the upheaval to expand its foothold near shipping routes...(Read Full Post)