Roseanne channels Robespierre

Just when you thought the Democratic Party was in total disarray and ready to join the Whigs, the Free Soil Party, and the Know-Nothing Party on the ash-heap of American history, along comes a fresh face to enchant their base. The American leftist party has been decimated by Barack Obama's honest expression of the unpalatable ideas to which liberals cling, but have been smart enough to cloak in double-speak since the ugly face of Socialism first snuck it's bulbous nose under the tent of American politics to have a sniff around. Now the party's dilemma is whether to adhere to its promotion of Affirmative Action and stick with a candidate who is a capital L loser, or whether to force him to walk the plank like LBJ. Liberals hope to replace B.O. with someone more in tune with the goony birds squawking further out on the left where Michael Moore and the Hollywood types play. E.J. Dionne, water-boy for the left, in a preposterous article describing Obama as a centrist, asks: Why hasn't...(Read Full Post)