Ron Paul's Serious Proposal

GOP presidential aspirant Ron Paul will unveil his budget and government reform proposal today, the Wall Street Journal reports.  Paul's plan is a serious alternative to the generally cautious Romney proposal.  Paul's plan will either be met with stony silence by the fossil media and DC's RINOs or derided as politically unrealistic.  Libertarians will cheer, but so should grassroots conservatives.  If elected president, Paul proposes cutting a trillion dollars in spending during his first year in office.  Mitt Romney is aiming for a paltry $20 billion (possibly less than Cardinals' slugger Albert Pujos will be paid annually when he signs a new contract).  Paul wants to eliminate five cabinet-level departments, they being the Departments of Energy, Education, Interior, Commerce, and Housing and Urban Development (isn't HUD a delicious oxymoron?  Let's think Detroit or Newark.). But that's not all.  Danny Yardon in the Wall Street Journal...(Read Full Post)