GM is learning the same lesson that Joe Hardy learned in the classic Broadway musical, Damn Yankees.  When you sell your soul to the devil, what you get back isn't worth a warm bucket of spit.  That's GM's bitter lesson with the Volt.     Yep, GM got its bailout, courtesy of hoary Uncle Sam.  But what GM had to do for a handful of taxpayer silver was dance to the tune its new federal master wanted.  And what Uncle Sam wanted was a deep green car.  GM -- or some White House functionary -- chose the name Volt for an overgrown golf cart.  GM should also give Volt buyers very big shoe horns to help fit them into the Volt's cozy compartment. Doubtless to the chagrin of Washington bureaucrats and GM marionettes, Americans ain't buying the Volt.  According to, GM had set a goal of selling 10,000 Volts this year.  (10,000 volts are better suited for an electric chair.)  Yet GM has only shipped 3,895 Volts to dealers...(Read Full Post)