Quinnipiac poll: Romney 46 Obama 42

Democrats have been dismissing polls that show a generic Republican beating Obama in a presidential matchup. They justify their derision by saying that when specific candidates are named, polls have shown that Obama is in the lead. Not so much it seems if the recent Quinnipiac poll is considered: Forty-six percent would vote for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney while 42% would vote for Obama, the poll found. Romney has been gaining in Quinnipiac head-to-head matchup. In July, Obama had a six percentage point advantage; by August, the two were tied. If Obama's Republican contender was Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Obama would do better, but the race would still be tight, the data shows. Forty-five percent would cast their vote for Obama, compared to 44% for Perry. That's within the poll's margin of error -- 2.1 percentage points. Of likely Republican voters, 22% said Romney was their favorite nominee. That's 4% more than in mid-August, but still 3% less than in July. Businessman Herman...(Read Full Post)