Police clearing OWS Oakland

The OWS Oakland contingent, camped out in Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of City Hall, is being cleared out by the Oakland Police this morning. According to local news reports, the police began assembling at 3 AM, and moved into the plaza at about 5 AM, awakening and arresting demonstrators who refused to leave. Live pictures have been shown on local TV news of people in plastic handcuffs being led and carried away and other coverage. Reportedly, media were kept at a distance at first, but so far there are no reports of resistance.  Traffic is being diverted around the area, and the BART (subway) stop at 12th Street below the area has been closed. The station at 19th Street remains open. It is still dark here in the Bay Area, but the media swarm has begun. Expect more pictures during the day. Update: A reported hundred people are demonstrating against the police action on Broadway, downtown's main drag in front of City Hall, which remains closed to traffic.. Mayor Bloomberg,...(Read Full Post)